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Budget Planner

Fill in this easy to use Income and Expenditure form to work our your outgoings and your Surplus Payment.

You will be able to use this amount to see how much money you can repay to your creditors.

Section 1 - Your IncomePer Month

Section 2 - Your Essential ExpenditurePer Month

Section 3 - Your Reducible ExpenditurePer Month

Section Totals

Income Total: £0


Essential Expenditure Total: £0


Reducible Expenditure Total: £0



Your Surplus Payment

Essential Expenditure Total: £0



Reducible Expenditure Total: £0


Total Expenditure: £0



Income Total: £0



Expenditure Total: £0


Total: £0



Surplus Payment: £0

If your SURPLUS PAYMENT is equal-to or more-than your Priority Debt and Arrears Monthly Total (which you need to calculate) then you can make your monthly minimum payments to your creditors.

If it's not, don't worry. Speak to a Payplan representative who will help you out! This is a free, independent advice service. You can also make an appointment to see one of federation representatives that will be able to offer help and support. Caroline Harris, the professional money aide is also available to assist officers.


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