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Please pass on my genuine thanks to all involved with agreeing to donate to our cause. Suppose I'd better go for a bike ride now!!

PC Lyman


I just want to place on record my satisfaction with the company who underwrite your travel insurance scheme (Ageas).  I recently had the misfortune of having to cancel a holiday abroad due to a medical problem.  I submitted a claim for a refund to the insurance company, and was very impressed with the way in which they handled it.  They gave very clear instruction as to the documentation they required, responded speedily to my questions during the claims process and conducted themselves in a friendly, efficient and professional manner throughout the process. In short, they are in my opinion a great choice by the police federation to underwrite the travel insurance scheme.

Mr Bernstein, Retired, Officer


Just to let you know that my previous service was finally recognised and signed off this week. So I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your help over the last few months, however much or little you did. It will make a massive difference to me financially, career wise, pension wise and most importantly with my first child on the way it will help no end for them too! I’m now the federations biggest advocate…!

Mr Matthews, PC, Walsall


First of all a vote of thanks. Yesterday I broke down in the middle of nowhere but was assisted greatly by the RAC under the cover in the scheme.

Although there was a delay in getting to me due to the amount of calls at the time, when they arrived I was soon on the back of a low loader and transported to my local garage to get the problem repaired.

The service was excellent.

Mr Longdon, Retired , Officer


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to personally thank you for helping to organise a superb event at Villa Park on Friday night  as well as creating lasting memories for my step-son who celebrated his 13th birthday with a difference!You really went that extra mile to ensure he had a lovely evening by not only displaying his name on the billboards around Villa Park, but you also arranged a presentation (birthday card and gift) on behalf of the Federation. He was delighted and really cannot believe you did all this for him – although he missed out on a Federation Teddy! (ha ha). On behalf of my step-son, I thank you for everything you did – and his mom has also asked me to pass on her sincere thanks. 

Mr Yates, Staff, Digital Services Team


I just wanted to drop a line to say how much the tea van was appreciated on the latest operation, especially with the weather being as it was and not being able to get off site. I've never been so pleased to see a police van.

Mr Banks, PC, Stechford


I just wanted to send a message of thanks to the federation, I required the assistance of a fed rep for a meeting and my local Rep was there to help me.

It is the first time in my career I have used a fed rep in a meeting, the Rep was very professional.

Please can you pass on my thanks and appreciation to the Rep involved.

Anon, PC, CMPG


Cannot thank you enough for taking the time to both research and provide me with the figures. My own federation didn’t know where they could find the information nor were they willing to look. If there is ever the opportunity to choose which FED you are a member of…..I will choose to subscribe to West Mids!! I Really appreciate your time.

Mr Woodward, PC, Cheshire


The roadshow was really good by the way, didn't realise there was so much on offer (and stuff that I was covered for that I didn't even know about!)

DC Evans


For me, Best Doctors is a benefit which is often over looked by colleagues! It is excellent, and I have often mentioned to colleagues who despite paying into Group Insurance have no idea of the benefits this product offers.

Mr Ford, PC, Tally Ho


I wonder if you would forward this email to AGEAS the insurers of the above scheme. I cannot praise them enough for the immediate help and settlement of my claim. My wife and I were due to fly to Canada on 11 May 2016 for 28 days, but unfortunately on 27 April 2016, she suffered a severe stroke, (bleed on the brain) and she is unlikely to recover. Our days are spent as a vigil at her bedside at New Cross Acute Stroke Unit, Wolverhampton. I paid for flight only by debit card, and the airline policy was no refunds under any circumstances. About a week later I contacted Ageas and duly received and completed the claim form, together with the rear being completed by the hospital Doctor. Within a few days of Ageas receiving the form I received a telephone call, on Saturday 15 May 2016, stating that the claim had been paid minus the excess for both of us. The money was in my account within a few days. Well done Ageas and yourselves for placing the insurance with such an understanding company.

Roy Marratt, Retired, Officer


T: 0.075081 s.