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Police Officers pay award 2017/2018

  • Posted On 25 Oct 2017

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    Pay, Award, 1%

    We have received queries regarding the additional one off non-consolidated pay award.


    We are as disappointed as you are at the sly, underhand way an additional 1% was awarded to the police, as by making it non-consolidated means it will not be pensionable and will not be included in any overtime worked.


    We can understand the confusion in the wording used by the government, when they announced the award, but it does not mean officers will receive all the 1% rise as a lump sum payment, as it is payable over 12 months, as is generally the case with all pay rises.


    The force issued a message of the day when the award was announced pointing out that it would be paid monthly and that the first payment would be made in Octobers pay plus any back pay dating to September for that part of the pay rise.

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