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National Police Memorial Day

  • Posted On 29 Aug 2013

    National Police Memorial Day,
    Sunday 29th September 2013
    St David’s Hall, Cardiff

    Sunday 29th September 2013 marks the tenth National Police Memorial Day, an annual event that honours police officers throughout the United Kingdom who have given their lives in the line of duty National Police Memorial Day was founded in 2004 by Sergeant Joe Holness, QPM. He said: “The British Police Service is renowned worldwide and it’s unique and priceless reputation is entirely a reflection of the professionalism of the men and women who proudly perform the role.

    “Sadly, each year police officers give their lives in order that we may all live in peace. They place the safety of others above that of their own -
    they do so with pride and because they are the best.

    “National Police Memorial Day ensures that our fallen colleagues are never forgotten and their unique, proud legacy is forever treasured.”

    Each year the service is held in one of the four countries of the UK and this years’ service will be held at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff, at 3pm.

    The event is open to everyone to attend, but you must register in advance to receive your invitation to the event.


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    The Prince of Wales will attend National Police Memorial Day on Sunday

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