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Leavers Survey by PFEW

  • Posted On 26 Oct 2017

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    PFEW, Survey

    If you are leaving the police service within the next three months PFEW would like you to complete a survey to tell them more about your experience of being in the police service and reasons for leaving.


    This survey is open to any officer who is leaving the police service within the next three months, this includes retiring, resigning or being required to leave by your force.


    Your responses will help the PFEW to understand more about why people are leaving the police service, and whether or not officers are getting what they want to out of a career within the police.


    The survey should take around 15 - 20 minutes to complete.


    To request a link to the survey please email us from your .pnn address to advising us the date you are due to leave the force and we'll send you a link to the survey to complete.

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