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  • We are trying to improve the services we offer to colleagues. Would you please take a few minutes to help us understand what we might do to improve the scheme for our members/colleagues? This Survey closed on 30th November 2017.

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  • Leavers Survey by PFEW

    Posted On 26 Oct 2017

    If you are leaving the police service within the next three months PFEW would like you to complete a survey to tell them more about your experience of being in the police service and reasons for leaving. This survey is open to any officer who is leaving the police service, this includes retiring, resigning or being required to leave by your force.

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  • Police Federation's Pay & Morale survey results on eve of National Custody Seminar Nearly one in five (18.9%) custody officers want to be redeployed away from detention duties as soon as possible. And nearly three-quarters (73.1%) of officers not currently in a custody role say they would never want to do that job. The survey results back up the long-held view that custody is still perceived as a ‘punishment posting’ by many, says the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW).

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  • All Federation members across the country are going to be asked if they would like to be routinely armed in a survey being conducted throughout August. The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) survey will be sent directly to officers via the member database.

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  • Pay and morale: have your say

    Posted On 18 Apr 2017

    We need you to take a moment to fill in a pay and morale survey – which will be used to inform the Government of your views. From today (Tuesday 18 April) the survey is available to all rank and file officers across the country. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and will remain open until 18 May.

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  • National Taser survey

    Posted On 15 Dec 2016

    As part of our local and national Police Federation campaign to push for better legal protection for Police Officers and reduce Officer assaults, please take part in the below Taser survey and tell us your views. The survey takes no more than 10 minutes and closes in mid January. This has been asked before however we need up to date views.

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  • Taser public survey results

    Posted On 9 Dec 2016

    Tom Cuddeford our Interim Chair says: “West Midlands officers fully support the wider availability of Taser. Set against a reduction of 2000 officers in the last five years and a rise in both demand and threat Taser is important for the protection of both the public and officers themselves. “I echo the sentiments of our national chair, Steve White, who outlines the clear need for the support of chief constables and Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales, to ensure a wider rollout of Taser and to press government for increased funding to assist with this.

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  • Member Website survey

    Posted On 22 Sep 2015

    As part of the ongoing process of looking after our Members we are currently reviewing the use of our Federation Website and App. With that in mind could you please complete the following quick survey, you will then be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher. The winner of the draw will be announced in our December/January edition of Federation magazine. This survey closed on Friday 16th October 2015

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  • The University of West of England, Bristol has published results of a survey undertaken on police morale as a result of government reforms.

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  • Stress survey 2013 results

    Posted On 13 Aug 2013

    West Midlands Police Federation commissioned an initial psychosocial risk assessment for West Midlands Police officers that was conducted in February-March 2012. The study produced baseline data on officers’ exposure to stress-related working conditions and associations between these exposures and individual health (burnout) and organisational effectiveness (intention to leave and job performance). The UK Health and Safety Executive recommends that organisations conduct psychosocial risk assessments at regular intervals. The report details findings from a psychosocial risk assessment conducted in April-May 2013. As per the 2012 study, this was commissioned by the West Midlands Police Federation and had as its focus West Midlands Police officers across all federated ranks

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