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  • Is retirement just around the corner? Are you wondering what your options are? For officers who have started to think about the day they retire from the police service, West Midlands Police Federation is hosting a number of seminars for people in their last three years of service. The sessions will cover a number of topics and can be attended by an officer’s husband, wife or partner

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  • ***NEW 2017 DATES*** Retiring from the police service represents a major change in the lives of all officers. From the time they signed up to join the Force, most have had a date in their mind for when they might retire but it can still come as something of a shock when that day comes around – even when officers have been counting off the days!

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  • WEST Midlands Police Chief Constable Chris Sims has ended the regulation that enforces the retirement of officers with more than 30 years’ service.

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