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  • Federation Office

    Posted On 21 Feb 2018

    Following our office relocation yesterday, we are now situated on the top floor of Guardians House.

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  • Are you a West Midlands police officer who is interested in becoming a Fed rep? If you are thinking of standing to be a Federation representative and would like to know more about what the role entails, please visit our Reps@Work page. If you have any further questions about being a rep, please contact us.

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  • In each edition of Federation, we ask our members about a topical issue. This time we asked: With the Chief Constable announcing his retirement, what would you like to set as priorities for his successor if you could have a say? If you were on the interviewing panel for the Chief Constable position, what would be the one question you would ask an applicant for the vacancy? Here are the answers we received:

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