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  • According to new research published today the British public say they would be worried if the police stopped providing the current range of services, as a result of budget cuts by this government.

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  • Fall in Officer Numbers

    Posted On 27 Jan 2011

    Today the Home Office have released their figures on police numbers in England and Wales which show a 'fall by 2,500'. The statistics relate to officer numbers as at 30 September 2010. The number of police officers in England and Wales fell by 2,500 in the last year the figures suggest. There were 141,850 full-time equivalent police officers in the 43 police forces - a decrease of 2,503 officers, or 1.7%, compared to a year earlier.

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  • Police Cuts: The Figures

    Posted On 13 Jan 2011

    14,500 police jobs already set to go as cuts start to bite, says Ed Balls. Almost 14,500 police jobs in just over a third of forces in England and Wales are to be lost, as police chiefs begin to assess the impact of over 20 per cent funding cuts announced by the Conservative-led government just four weeks ago.

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