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  • Police leaders accused the Home Secretary of effectively "rewarding" officers’ tireless efforts to quell rioting across the country by slashing numbers and pushing through reforms which leave morale at rock bottom. Theresa May addressed delegates at a speech in Westminster in London today - including police chiefs - as she praised officers, many who worked round the clock during the riots, but she pressed the need for ‘reform’ and denied that cuts in numbers would impact on the service to the public.

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  • Please see the statement issued to trade and national media reacting to the PM, David Cameron’s comments about policing this morning.

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  • West Midlands Police Federation has been inundated with requests from police officers wishing to pass on their sincere thanks to the public of the West Midlands for their support and good wishes following the demands of last week. Every phone call to local radio stations, emails and letters that have been published in local newspapers, every handshake and every cup of tea that the public have made for officers is very much appreciated.

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  • The full transcript of the Public Disorder debate in Parliament on 11th August 2011

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  • Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Police Federation of England & Wales today requested to see Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss the riots, and the request has been refused.

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  • Police 'scraping the barrel'

    Posted On 10 Aug 2011

    The revolt of England's feral youth could hardly have come at a worse time for police. Overstretched forces are "scraping the barrel" in the desperate battle to bring the rioting crisis under control, rank and file officers say. As well as claims of rock-bottom morale over the biggest force budget cuts in modern times, a series of legal battles over public order tactics has heightened pressure on frontline decision making.

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  • The Police Federation has called for the complete support of the government community leaders and the public to help police to put a stop to the riots spreading across London.

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  • Download the letter from Theresa May to Ian Rennie regarding the Pension Contribution Rate

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  • Staff Side of Police Negotiating Board Media Release 26 July 2011 Anger and disappointment as Police Negotiating Board registers failure to agree on police pay proposals

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  • HMIC Report - Adapting to Austerity

    Posted On 21 Jul 2011

    Today HMIC have published a report entitled ‘Adapting to Austerity’

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