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  • Police Federation branch chairman Ian Edwards said: “We think this proposal is over. It will be down to the new commissioner to nail the coffin shut. “None of the commissioner candidates are saying they will continue with these plans if elected. “And after witnessing the G4S Olympics debacle I don’t think the public wants to see it either. “Surrey provided funding for the consultation and private partners expected a contract that included two forces.”"

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  • Committee launches inquiry into leadership and standards in the police The Home Affairs Committee is today launching an inquiry into leadership and standards in the police service. In December 2011, the Home Secretary announced plans to establish a professional body to further professionalise policing, which will be known as the College of Policing.

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  • One year after last summer’s riots police leaders say forces would protect the public and restore order if there was further widespread disorder. But, due to budget cuts and a reduction in police officer numbers, the response to other incidents would suffer.

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  • A police force striving to save £51 million over four years has warned it may have cut ‘too hard and too fast’. Devon and Cornwall Police has lost 700 officers including 100 neighbourhood officers in a bid to meet its savings target.

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  • Midlands riot police reveal powerful and honest testimonials BRAVE police officers have opened their hearts for a book documenting their experiences as they faced looters and rioters who rampaged through the West Midlands.

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  • Available to download a document outlining the current position on the long-term reform of police officer pensions.

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  • The latest edition of Roads Ahead the Police Federation Roads Policing Newsletter Volume 13 is available to download.

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  • The Government should stop claiming that 20 per cent cuts to policing budgets are not reducing the numbers of officers on the front-line, according to police leaders. Ian Edwards, chairman of West Midlands Police Federation, has spoken out after newly released Home Office figures showed that West Midlands Police had lost more officers than any other force across England and Wales.

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  • Available to download a special edition of ‘Frontlines’, the Constables’ newsletter, which concentrates on the PNB meeting earlier this week, the decisions reached and the Federation’s response. This extended special edition newsletter has been funded by the Constables’ Central Committee and prepared in conjunction with Joint colleagues.

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  • Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, says: “Such an extreme drop in police officer numbers of over 5,000 last year clearly illustrates the value this government places on the public safety. Despite accusations that we were scaremongering, the harsh reality of the consequences of a 20% cut to the police budget is now hitting home. These figures do nothing to reassure us or the public we serve. The government cannot gamble with public safety. We are on the cusp of hosting the biggest event this country has ever seen and already security risks have been identified and police officers have been required to step in at the eleventh hour to put public safety first. We will do our duty as police officers always do but this government must recognise that their first duty is the safety of the publ

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