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  • The petition has now reached over 100,000 signatures, please read the update on the petition website

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  • Ballot on Industrial Rights

    Posted On 1 Nov 2012

    In January/February 2013 members of the Police Federation of England and Wales are to be asked to vote on whether or not they wish the Federation to seek to obtain industrial rights.

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  • The PAT has been asked to make decisions in respect of a number of recommendations from the Winsor Final Report.

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  • Do It Right

    Posted On 25 Oct 2012

    Many of you have been calling on the Federation for a robust response to the Government’s attack on your pay, pensions and conditions of service and seeking direction on what can be lawfully done to register your anger and frustration.

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  • 18th October marked the Annual Police Bravery Awards at which we celebrated the remarkable acts of heroism demonstrated by police officers throughout England and Wales. These officers and their actions truly exemplify the fine model of British Policing that is renowned worldwide and a service of which we are immensely proud. Fifty-three officers were nominated this year, all have demonstrated exceptional acts of bravery, going above and beyond the call of duty. Words cannot describe the courage and commitment of these outstanding officers.

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  • PAT Hearing update

    Posted On 18 Oct 2012

    The Police Arbitration Tribunal hearing did not reach a conclusion today as there are matters still to be considered by the panel. The hearing will continue on Tuesday 30 October. I will keep you informed of any developments. Ian Rennie General Secretary Police Federation of E&W

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  • Leaders of the Warwickshire, West Mercia and West Midlands Police Federation are meeting with chief whip Andrew Mitchell tomorrow to discuss the PC Pleb row. They invited Mr Mitchell to meet them to give him a chance to clear the air.

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  • Complete with a PC Pleb t-shirt, ‘Boris Johnson’ attracted the world’s Press when he backed a campaign against 20 per cent cuts to police budgets outside the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham this morning. While the real London Mayor was preparing for his keynote speech to the Tory faithful, a look-alike Boris cycled past a huge billboard advert near the conference venue stating “Say hello to Dave, wave goodbye to your police service”.

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  • Police Federation leaders are furious the Prime Minister has tried to claim that the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebgate’ affair is over. And, with the chief whip staying away from this week’s Tory Party Conference in Birmingham for fear of being ‘a distraction’, it would appear that Mr Mitchell himself knows the row has not been successfully swept under the carpet.

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  • The three Police Federation branches, representing thousands of rank and file officers across the region, are running a hard-hitting advertising campaign with billboard sites throughout Birmingham during the Conservative Party Conference which started yesterday. During the campaign, launched almost two weeks ago outside the constituency office of Andrew Mitchell MP, the Government chief whip embroiled in the Plebgate row, thousands of campaign leaflets will be handed out. The Federations have a meeting with Mr Mitchell this Friday but have been further angered by the Prime Minister’s assertion that the matter is closed. They are also disappointed that Mr Cameron has not responded after they invited him to meet them over a curry to discuss the Government’s 20 per cent cuts to policing.

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