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  • Police Hero of the year award

    Posted On 21 Aug 2012

    Details of a Police Hero of the Year award that the force has agreed to support.

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  • The Police Federation has questioned the influence unelected think tanks are having on government policy following tweets by Policy Exchange’s Blair Gibbs dubbing himself and some of his team as the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ on police reform. The comment was deleted from his Twitter feed but not before police officers and commentators on Twitter picked it up and began debating the content. The controversial tweet posted on Friday read: #ff for my talented team- together aka ‘Four Horsemen of the #Police Reform Apocalypse’ #Keepupthegreatwork and was posted yesterday.

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  • Private security companies should not be involved in front-line policing, Paul McKeever, the retiring chairman of the national Police Federation has told the Home Secretary. The chairman, whose successor will be elected in the next couple of weeks, has written to Theresa May asking for her praise of the police during the Olympics to be backed up with firm leadership on outsourcing in the light of the G4S Olympic security failings.

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  • Turn-out for the election of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in November could be as low as 18 per cent. The prediction was made by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) which said: “The Government seems to have done everything in its power to keep polling stations empty.”

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  • Memorial service for fallen officer

    Posted On 20 Aug 2012

    Hundreds of officers gathered to remember an off duty policeman who died while trying to protect the community he served. PC Ian Dibell was killed near his home in Clacton, Essex while intervening in a row on 9 July.

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  • Police and crime commissioners (PCC's) will be required to pledge an oath to represent 'all sections of the public without fear or favour'. The oath is designed to provide a platform for PCCs to set out publicly their commitment to tackling their new role with integrity.

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  • Changes to the codes that determine how detainees in England and Wales are treated have been made following successful representations by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Three significant amendments have been made to the Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) codes that could help reduce the numbers of deaths and serious injuries in custody. There were 15 deaths during or following police custody during 2011/12.

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  • Police leaders have praised defence minister Philip Hammond for speaking out against the Government’s privatisation programmes. And Ian Edwards, chairman of West Midlands Police Federation, has now urged police minister Nick Herbert to have the guts to do the same.

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  • Police Federation branch chairman Ian Edwards said: “We think this proposal is over. It will be down to the new commissioner to nail the coffin shut. “None of the commissioner candidates are saying they will continue with these plans if elected. “And after witnessing the G4S Olympics debacle I don’t think the public wants to see it either. “Surrey provided funding for the consultation and private partners expected a contract that included two forces.”"

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  • Committee launches inquiry into leadership and standards in the police The Home Affairs Committee is today launching an inquiry into leadership and standards in the police service. In December 2011, the Home Secretary announced plans to establish a professional body to further professionalise policing, which will be known as the College of Policing.

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