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    “We understand there is a lot of anger and unrest about pensions and we understand your frustration but it is the Government that is changing police pensions not the Police Federation of England and Wales. “Police Pensions are non-negotiable and we engaged in the consultation process because not to do so could have resulted in the Home Secretary imposing a more detrimental pension scheme.

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  • POLICE CUTS HITTING the FRONT-LINE – AND PUTTING PUBLIC AT greater RISK – as yougov poll also REVEALS a low level of trust in theresa may or david cameron to deliver an effective police force. Seven in 10 people surveyed by YouGov this week believe the Government’s cuts to police funding are affecting front-line police services, with nearly half believing that the police service should have been protected from cuts, alongside the NHS and overseas aid spending.

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  • Message from Ian Edwards, West Midlands JBB Chairman regarding Pensions.

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  • People have lost confidence in the Government to keep them safe, a damning poll reveals. Swingeing budget cuts and rising levels of violent crime have left almost two thirds of us with little or no trust in David Cameron or Home Secretary Theresa May to maintain an effective police force.

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  • Download the JCC newsletter from this weeks meeting including: Pension Matters Regulations and Determinations Independent Review of Pay and Conditions of Service

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  • The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) provides medical support to military Operational deployments. It also provides secondary and specialist care for members ofthe armed forces. It is a dedicated training centre for defence personnel and a focus for medical research. The RCDM is a tri-service establishment personnel from all three of the armed services.

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  • Statement from Ian Edwards, JBB Chair, West Midlands Police Federation

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  • To receive the majority support as Chair elect of the Police Federation of England and Wales is indeed a prestigious honour and places an immense degree of expectation on me to fulfil the high standards of leading the organisation in the footsteps of Paul McKeever who has provided extra ordinary dedication, guidance and commitment during his time in office.

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  • Please find attached a statement from Ian Rennie on long term pension reform including clarification on the issue over section 2 of the Police Pension Act (1976).

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  • The Home Secretary has made an announcement in relation to police pensions by way of Written Ministerial Statement today. We will provide a further update as and when details are made available.

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