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  • Message from Deputy Chairman Tom Cuddeford on the sad passing of Gary Addison.

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  • Announcement from Sarah Stevens-Burns Chair of the Constables Branch Board on the sad passing of Chris Findley.

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  • The ballot on whether the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) should seek industrial rights on behalf of members is now open. PFEW’s Joint Central Committee (JCC) had previously taken a decision to introduce an alternative question within the ballot that would take Compulsory Severance into consideration. This decision was revisited at the January statutory meeting of the JCC, when it was decided to simply ask members to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in keeping with the original proposed motion from the Metropolitan Police Federation.

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  • As of 01/02/2013 the Electoral Reform Service (ERS) have received 3,823 registrations from West Midlands Officers. This is approx 50% of eligible Officers, which is good news (nb. The figure supplied is raw data and the records counted are yet to be verified & de-duplicated). PLEASE ENCOURAGE your colleagues to Register for the Vote. They can still do so until 28th Feb, but will have to vote by 4pm on this date.

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  • Paul McKeever Memorial Service

    Posted On 4 Feb 2013

    The Memorial service for the late Police Federation chairman, Paul McKeever, will be held at 12pm on Saturday 9 February, 2013 at Southwark Cathedral. We anticipate the service will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you wish to register your attendance please email Places are limited so please do register your attendance as soon as you are able.

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  • Regardless of whether you are in favour or against PFEW seeking industrial rights for Police Officers, it is crucial thatALL OFFICERS REGISTER TO VOTE and TAKE PART IN THE BALLOT. The ballot on whether the Police Federation of England and Wales should seek industrial rights on behalf of police officers opened yesterday, on Thursday 31 January and will run until THURSDAY 28TH FEBRUARY.

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  • Win a Kindle Fire HD!

    Posted On 1 Feb 2013

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  • Memorial unveiled at Lloyd House

    Posted On 1 Feb 2013

    Police officers who were serving and died in the execution of their duties whilst working in the West Midlands region have been honoured in a ‘roll of honour’ memorial, opened in the foyer at Lloyd House yesterday. The roll of honour was unveiled during a ceremony attended by the families of fallen officers, representatives of West Midlands Police Federation, the Chief Constable, members of the ACPO team and Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones.

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  • Ballot security codes update

    Posted On 31 Jan 2013

    Please note that security codes will be sent out in tranches to all those who have registered for the ballot, and accompanying this will be information as to how you vote. Once you have received the code and information, you will be able to vote. We anticipate that those who have already registered will receive this code in the next few days. The ballot does not close until the 28 February 2013.

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  • Please find attached a letter outlining details for the industrial rights ballot which was today, 30th January, sent to all MPs and PCCs.

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