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  • Win a Kindle Fire HD!

    Posted On 1 Feb 2013

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  • Memorial unveiled at Lloyd House

    Posted On 1 Feb 2013

    Police officers who were serving and died in the execution of their duties whilst working in the West Midlands region have been honoured in a ‘roll of honour’ memorial, opened in the foyer at Lloyd House yesterday. The roll of honour was unveiled during a ceremony attended by the families of fallen officers, representatives of West Midlands Police Federation, the Chief Constable, members of the ACPO team and Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones.

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  • Ballot security codes update

    Posted On 31 Jan 2013

    Please note that security codes will be sent out in tranches to all those who have registered for the ballot, and accompanying this will be information as to how you vote. Once you have received the code and information, you will be able to vote. We anticipate that those who have already registered will receive this code in the next few days. The ballot does not close until the 28 February 2013.

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  • Please find attached a letter outlining details for the industrial rights ballot which was today, 30th January, sent to all MPs and PCCs.

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  • Police assisting Ambulance service

    Posted On 30 Jan 2013

    Dear Colleagues Is there any of our local members who can provide me with examples/evidence where you have assisted or taken control of the conveying of members of the public, where the West Midlands Ambulance Service have been unable to transport individuals to hospital, due to the lack of their resources. Thereby, Police Officers being taken away from their normal roles and functions. Kindest Regards, Tom Cuddeford Deputy Chair

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  • The public could be put at risk if proposals to see those without policing experience parachuted into the service are approved by the government. Damian Green, minister for policing and criminal justice, announced the launch of a consultation document which includes recommendations for direct entry into senior posts – which could see those such as a manager from a supermarket entering the rank of superintendent without serving time at the constable rank.

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  • A police officer from the Met has set up an e-petition seeking recognition for the work of Paul McKeever – chair of the Police Federation who died earlier this month. PC James Chespy is seeking support for the petition which needs to garner 100,000 signatures which could mean it will then be debated in the House of Commons.

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  • This pamphlet seeks to set out the expectations placed upon those who hold the Office of Constable and the legal status of the coercive powers that are attributed to such office holders. It is right and proper that police officers perform their duties to the highest of standards and integrity. We must never forget that these principles and values also place restrictions on our professional and private lives.

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  • This week the Police Federation's ballot will open, asking the police officers it represents whether or not they wish the organisation to seek for them the right to take industrial action. PFEW understands that for many in our society the restrictions upon police officers, including their inability to lawfully take industrial action, are an integral and important feature of the Office of Constable. However, the demands which have led to this ballot reflect a growing feeling of frustration among police officers with a range of issues facing officers and the police service.

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  • Reg 14a / 15 Notices

    Posted On 28 Jan 2013

    Message from John Tooms, Deputy Discipline Secretary. At present there has been a change to PSD policy - Federation Discipline Reps are no longer given advance notice of the serving of a Regulation 14a/15 Notice (666s). Should you be served with a Reg 14a/15 Notice, you should seek the advice of a Police Federation Discipline Representative as soon as practicable and before making any response. You should not be asked any questions by the officer serving the Regulation 14a/15 Notice. You should sign the Notice, keep your copy and provide a copy of your PNB if requested.

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