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  • The date of the PAT hearing is Friday 15 November 2013. The matters to be considered are the Winsor recommendations relating to Compulsory Severance and Restricted Duties.

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  • Responding to figures released today showing an increase in police use of Taser, Steve White, Vice-Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales, says:

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  • For all the latest happenings, please follow us on twitter @westmidspolfed For all the latest offers and FIRST CHANCE of free tickets to events and Member Services Offers please follow Member Services @Fed_Rewards Don't forget to "like" our facebook page for updates.

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  • National Police Memorial Day

    Posted On 29 Aug 2013

    Sunday 29th September 2013 marks the tenth National Police Memorial Day, an annual event that honours police officers throughout the United Kingdom who have given their lives in the line of duty.

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  • MP's Correspondence

    Posted On 21 Aug 2013

    This section details letters sent to Members of Parliament within the West Midlands and the associated replies we have received from them. Also go to our MP's correspondence page to read the replies so far!

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  • Chris on BBC Radio talking Stress

    Posted On 19 Aug 2013

    Chris Jones our secretary was on BBC Radio talking about stress including our recent stress survey.

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  • Responding to the introduction of on-the-spot fines for poor lane discipline and tailgating, Steve White, Vice Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales says...

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  • Stress survey 2013 results

    Posted On 13 Aug 2013

    West Midlands Police Federation commissioned an initial psychosocial risk assessment for West Midlands Police officers that was conducted in February-March 2012. The study produced baseline data on officers’ exposure to stress-related working conditions and associations between these exposures and individual health (burnout) and organisational effectiveness (intention to leave and job performance). The UK Health and Safety Executive recommends that organisations conduct psychosocial risk assessments at regular intervals. The report details findings from a psychosocial risk assessment conducted in April-May 2013. As per the 2012 study, this was commissioned by the West Midlands Police Federation and had as its focus West Midlands Police officers across all federated ranks

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  • In December elections will be held to select Federation representatives for each LPU and department across the Force area. The role of a Federation representative is wide and varied and is summarised in this article.

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  • Tom Cuddeford our deputy Chairman was on BBC Radio West Midlands this morning talking about drug laboratories in the West Midlands.

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