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  • The Police Federation will hold both officers and the public interest at the heart of the organisation after agreeing this will form part of their ‘core purpose’ today. The Interim National Board (INB) and Interim National Council (INC) agreed the historic move at the inaugural meeting of the new council which will be the first change to the organisation’s core purpose since the Police Federation was set up in 1919.

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  • Federation representatives will be taking part in a 'Here to Help' roadshow at Wolverhampton Police Station on 22 July.

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  • Steve Evans, vice chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), said: “Police officers and the PFEW do not accept or condone corruption in any form. We share the concern of the public that anyone guilty of such behaviour has no place in the police service and should feel the full force of the law against them. “Police forces have robust and effective systems in place to weed out corrupt officers. In addition, the College of Policing maintains a register of the names of police officers dismissed for gross misconduct following a misconduct hearing as well as those who have left the service prior to appearing before a misconduct hearing for gross misconduct. We welcome anything that strengthens these provisions against corruption and corrupt behaviour.”

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  • Rick Nelson, of the Police Federation’s operational policing sub-committee, said: ‘If forces are serious about improving efficiency in times of budget cuts, they should look to increase their numbers of police dogs and police horses – doing the opposite is incredibly short-sighted. Dogs represent an extremely versatile policing tool. They don’t just provide a crucial component of public order policing but their assistance is invaluable across a range of situations from drugs and missing persons searches to firearms operations and everything in between. Likewise, mounted units provide a range of policing benefits to the public such as helping officers in public order situations. The police service should focus on efficiency savings and getting value for money, not purely on saving money. This doesn’t just mean increasing the numbers of police officers but increasing the numbers of police dogs and mounted units.’

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  • Office Phone number has changed

    Posted On 7 Jun 2014

    Our Federation office phone number has changed to 0121 700 1200 on Friday 6th June 2014. The telephone number for the Credit Union is 0845 241 7501 & Police Healthcare / Benevolent Fund 0121 700 1110.

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  • Change through consensus - update from the National Federation on reform. Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, the Police Federation national committee met and a number of important issues were discussed, including the outcomes of conference.

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  • In support of the new national rape action plan announced today by The Director of Public Prosecutions and the Association of Chief Police Officers, Paul Ford, Secretary, Police Federation National Detectives Forum said:

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  • Federation magazine - sneak peek

    Posted On 5 Jun 2014

    Download a sneak peek on an article from our June / July Federation magazine on Popular Fed rep remembered.

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  • Download the national federation newsletter on the Police Federation Conference

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  • Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) chair Steve White said: "Fitness tests need to reflect the diverse nature of the police force and be appropriate for each individual role officers may undertake. "While it is essential that police officers are fit both mentally and physically to complete their jobs, there is no appropriate one size fits all test to ensure this is the case. "PFEW continues to work with the College of Policing to ensure fitness testing is appropriate."

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