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Janet Beardmore FCIPD provides specialist-coaching support to police officers, to assist with career progression, skills development, and retirement transition.

Coaching can provide you with an opportunity to explore new directions in life; build confidence and develop plans as to how to go about achieving what you want. Indeed many of us are capable of so much more than we believe, but it is often easier to listen to our self-doubt and fears and therefore fail to achieve our true potential.

The coaching process gives you space to think and not have your thoughts interrupted by other peoples’ ideas and agendas. Your coach will help you to unblock barriers, enabling you to move nearer to your full potential.


Taking control in this way can be liberating and also have many beneficial side effects to wider aspects of your life.

Career progression – whether you want lateral or vertical progression your coach can support you to achieve your goals, and help you develop self- belief.

Skills Development – you might lack confidence in your ability to manage your team and / or simply want to identify a new style of supervision / management; alternatively you might notice a pattern of complaints that you receive. Coaching is perfect in these scenarios as it can provide confidential, non-judgemental support and enable you to understand your behaviour, how it impacts on others and explore alternative ways to behave.

Retirement transition - for those approaching retirement, your coach will help you explore what you want to do next with your life, translate police skills and terminology into marketable language suitable to other employment sectors and if required, create a CV.


Janet provides a confidential, professionally qualified personal coaching service. This is supported by a broad HR background and many years experience of the police service.

Janet is offering a discounted coaching service to West Midlands police officers. Prior to booking a package, prospective clients are encouraged to make phone contact to establish that the service is right for them in terms of meeting expectations, and that they are comfortable with the coach relationship and to arrange a convenient appointment.

An initial coaching package consists of 3 sessions (1 hour each session minimum). A prepared CV at the end of the initial coaching package is available at an additional cost. Follow on individual coaching sessions are also available.

Should you wish to explore further if coaching is right for you email janetbeardmore@gmail.com




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