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Are you feeling the pinch?

With pay freezes, no progression on the payscales, increased pension contributions and increases in the cost of living, police officers are not immune from the financial difficulties affecting many people during these times of austerity. Rather than falling into the trap of PayDay loans we may be able to help. 

If a member needs £500 in an emergency, a way of consolidating existing debts or a larger amount for items such as a car or home improvements they can come to us and we will do our best to help.  We have now lauched the 'Helper' - Our alternative to a “pay day loan” - click here for details.

For information on savings and loans contact Police Credit Union on 0845 241 7501 - or find information in moments and apply for membership, a loan or both at www.policecu.co.uk. You can also call into your local PCU Birmingham branch for details.


Simple savings, affordable loans
Favourable rates
Friendly regional branches.

Exclusive to the Police Family
Payroll deduction*

Choice of savings
Easy access, no penalties
Cash ISA
Life cover** at no extra cost

Choice of loans
No fees or penalties
Life cover** at no extra cost

The rate you see is the rate you get
Fixed for the full loan term

Apply Online: www.policecu.co.uk
Call: 0845 241 7501





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