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Ministry of Paintball is the largest paintballing network in the world. With over 300 sites globally and 110 locations in the UK alone, Ministry of Paintball offer a wide range of paintballing games with all sorts of tanks, forts, trucks, bridges and even helicopters! We make more heroes than Hollywood!

To show our appreciation to the police, the unsung heroes of England, we are offering all members and their friends and family as many FREE MOP VIP entry passes as you like!

Each pass includes access to a choice of over 110 sites UK wide, free equipment hire including overalls, goggles, masks, the latest semi-auto gun, gas and air refills and a bonus free lunch at most sites.


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Who is eligible?   

How to get the deal  

West Midlands
Police Federation

Police officers and 
staff from any Force 


  Register at   
  or call 0870 724 6822 and quote the code 8011.





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