Laughter Yoga Open Day 28th October




Three weeks to go and there are still some tickets available for the Laughter Yoga Open Day in Birmingham.

The aim of the day is for anyone to attend and especially people from voluntary organisations, community groups, health and education professionals so that they can learn more about the health and wellbeing benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga complies with all ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’:

  • > Connect
  • > Be Active
  • > Take Notice
  • > Keep Learning
  • > Give


There will be seven speakers altogether – most of them are experts from the world of Laughter Yoga and many also have interests in communities, business, health and education.

In addition, Professor Anna Whittaker from University of Birmingham will speak about her research: The effect of stress on the body, e.g. immune system and stress hormones: How stress and social connections relate to our physical health particularly through the immune system and the effects of stress hormones, and how this differs across the life span.

There will be opportunities to experience Laughter Yoga at various times during the day and there will also be a ‘World Café’ discussion session to ‘brainstorm’ ideas to raise awareness and facilitate more opportunities to take Laughter Yoga into our communities.

Food will be available during the lunch break for a donation, or there are plenty of places to buy food near the venue.

It will be a day of connections, laughter, playfulness and above all ….. FUN.

You can purchase your tickets for £31.84 from:





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