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Through coaching Tanya has helped countless people get their lives back on track, including several ex police officers and other uniformed personnel who found themselves struggling to adjust to civilian life.

Having led Organisations through strategic change in both the Public and Private sectors and providing coaching and mentoring to other leaders, Tanya Leslie now specialises in Transition Coaching to help others through major life changes including:- 
Adjusting to ill health 
Birth of first child and returning to work issues 
Redeployment from armed forces/uniformed services into “civvie life” 
Who can be helped with Transition Coaching? 
Any individual or group who may be going through any life changing experience eg new job,starting a Business, marriage, divorce, redundancy, retirement. Coaching may be on a “one to one basis” or in small groups. 
What is the process? 
I offer a free one hour consultation to really understand what the need is and then will agree what you would like to achieve. At that point I will suggest a package price to suit you and your circumstances. 
What happens if I need to keep in touch with you or want more sessions? 
The door is always open. The idea of Transition Coaching is to avoid creating a dependency on the Coach and to celebrate moving on. At times you may want to have some more sessions and these are available, but it is not intended to be a permanent arrangement. 
How long do the sessions last? 
The first few sessions may last between 90 minutes and two hours. 
If any more are needed around 90 minutes. 
If the conversation is flowing we will not finish abruptly. 
To book on workshops or just to get in touch please contact Tanya Leslie: 
Address: 28, Bracebridge Road, Erdington, Birmingham B24 8JQ 
Telephone: 0121 439 2810  
About Tanya
Tanya has been the lead partner for 16 years in Bradbury Beatty Central a successful Training and Development Consultancy. Tanya is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and has a Post Graduate Degree in learning and development including behavioural sciences. She is an NLP practitioner and her acknowledged specialism is Management of Uncertainty and Change. 
She has a strong personal purpose which focuses on helping individuals through periods of change and uncertainty in their lives; within both a personal and organisational context. Effectively managing this period of transition reduces the stress and anxiety which an individual can experience. 


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