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Merseyside Police Federation has negotiated a fantastic discount scheme available to Police Officers, Police Pensioners and Police Staff.


The scheme offers significant discounts on new vehicles across the Vauxhall, Saab and Chevrolet range. Discounts on new vehicles are on average 15%, and many deals also include 0% interest on finance – some even have free insurance for the first year. Additionally, on many offers Vauxhall pay all or some of the deposit required.


Visit your local Chevrolet dealership at Lookers Yardley, 201 Stockfield Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B25 8DY.


To qualify for the scheme, you need to be a Subscribing Federation Member, Retired Member, or at the discretion of individual Branch Boards or Police Staff.


Registration (for a single nominal charge of £20) will give access to the scheme to yourself and up to 5 nominees from within your family, i.e. Your

  • Spouse or Partner
  • Parents and Step Parents
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Children and Step Children


To register, you need to complete a registration form, available from your local Federation Office, or from Merseyside Police Federation on 0151 259 0737, or visit their website at www.merpolfed.org.uk.


Once you have completed the form and it has been approved by your local Federation Office, you need to return it to Merseyside Federation and they will contact Vauxhall and arrange for you to be validated as a registered member.


The scheme can be viewed online at www.partnersprogramme.co.uk using access code polfed to enter the site. Please do not register on the Vauxhall Website, as you will still be required to complete a Police Federation registration form.


Please note you will need to be validated before you can take advantage of the scheme, and then all you need to do is go along to your nearest dealer!


If you need further information then please contact Merseyside Police Federation.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q Can I use my discount on used cars?
A No. Discounts are only applicable on new vehicles purchased through a UK Franchised Vauxhall, Saab or Chevrolet Retailer.


Q Where can I buy the car?
A Any Vauxhall, Saab or Chevrolet Retailer will be happy to help. Simply ask your sales consultant. Please note that vehicles can only be purchased in the UK, though you can purchase left hand drive vehicles if you wish.


Q Can a friend or partner buy a car through me?
A You cannot buy a car for your friend, but you can nominate your partner and as many other eligible relatives as you wish! Once registered, they can buy their own vehicles through the programme. You can check family eligibility on the website. Unmarried partners are only eligible if they can produce documentary evidence of proof of address – such as a utility bill. This is part of Vauxhall’s terms and conditions.


Q How long must I be with the company before I am eligible?
A Six months (continuously) and for a minimum of 16hrs per week.


Q How many cars can we buy each year?
A Vauxhall Associates can purchase up to 6 Vauxhall, plus 6 Saab and 6 Chevrolet vehicles per family within 12 month period, with no more than two registered in the same name.


Q How long do I keep the car?
A Any vehicle purchased under the programme should be retained in the name in which it was purchased for a minimum of 11 months before it can be resold or traded in. Vauxhall’s Audit Department carry out random checks and may request to see the vehicle’s V5 logbook at any time during the minimum 11 months ownership period.


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