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  • 06.09.17News Release: Cuts have consequences, police leaders warn MPs

    A hard-hitting video showing the effects of funding cuts on policing in the West Midlands has been sent to all the region’s MPs as part of a Police Federation initiative. West Midlands Police Federation, which represents the constables, sergeants and inspecting ranks who make up the majority of the Force’s 6,600 officers, teamed up with Birmingham based video marketing and production company Tinker Taylor to produce the innovative video book for the second wave of its Cuts Have Consequences campaign and is urging MPs to do more to encourage the Government to re-invest in policing.
  • 06.09.17Federation Roadshow at Coventry Wed 18 October 2017

    The next West Midlands Police Federation Roadshow is aimed at officers based in the Coventry area. It is to be held in the Gavin Carlton room at Coventry Police Station on Wednesday 18 October between 10:00 and 15:00.
  • 05.09.17West Midlands Police Sports & Wellbeing Association : Lottery Results August 2017

    WMP Sports and Wellbeing Association Lottery is just £1 per week and will give you the chance to win up to £5,000 every month! The Association will be giving away £120,000 in prize money every year!
  • 30.08.17News Release: West Midlands Police officer morale among lowest in country

    The morale of officers at West Midlands Police is among the worst in the country - according to the findings of a pay and morale survey. Two thirds (66.3 per cent) of respondents from the Force said they were suffering from low personal morale – putting the Force in the top three. And 96 per cent said Force morale was low. This puts the Force fifth in this category – with 38 forces with a smaller proportion of respondents who feel that morale within their force is low.

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