Refreshments, Subsistence & Lodging

These allowances were discontinued from 1 April 2003. Instead, officers will be reimbursed expenditure incurred in the course of duty provided it is:

  • Necessary
  • Reasonable
  • Additional to what the officer would otherwise have incurred
  • Backed by a receipt





 When a member of a police force is retained on duty beyond his normal daily period of duty, he shall be reimbursed the cost of any meal he then necessarily obtains provided that expenditure is reasonable and backed by a receipt.

 An officer has to be retained on duty in excess of 2 hours past his normal finish time to claim this allowance. 

 Incidental Expenses Allowance for those Attending Residential Training Courses

At the Police Negotiating Board meeting on 9 February 2005, it was agreed that the incidental expenses allowance for those attending residential training courses should be frozen at its current level of £4.43 per night. The maximum allowance is £17.77 per week, except where an officer has to attend for a week’s course of training on the preceding Sunday night and will therefore be in attendance for five nights.


T: 0.058456 s.