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Federation Representatives

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Benevolent Fund

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Clinical Negligence

Data Protection

Death on Police Contact

To be read in conjunction with HO Circulars 13/2002 and 31/2002

Defamation, Breach of Confidence and Privacy

Flexible Working 2013

Funding Criteria

In relation to the Provision of Legal Assistance

Home Office Police Rostering

Study of Police Resource Management & Rostering Arrangements

How to take a Small Claim to the County Court

Injured at Work?

What do I do if I get injured at work?

Managing Members Expectations

Notification of Actual Duties


Police Federation Claimline 0800 9171 999

If you are a member of the Police Federation and have suffered any personal injury on or off duty, you are entitled to free legal advice and support to obtain financial support

Click here to view the PF Claimline website.


Road Traffic Defence

Russell Jones & Walker Legal Services

Student Officers

Whistleblower Information

Employment Rights Act 1996 & Do the right thing

Federation Subscriptions & Tax Rebate

Change in Subscription Rates for New Recruits in Year 1 and Year 2

With effect from the 26th June 2013 the subscription rates for new recruits at Year 1 and Year 2 will be decreased as follows:-

Year 1 - 25% of full rate (rounded up)
The calendar monthly amount will be £5.42.

Year 2 - 50% of full rate (rounded up)
The calendar monthly amount will be £10.79.

Year 1 and Year 2 rates will be at the relevant rate on a pro-rata basis.  At the end of Year 2, the subscription amount reverts to the rate relevant at the time, as approved by the Joint Central Conference.

Subscriptions to the Voluntary Fund are tax deductable and the subscriptions your be brought to the attention of your local tax office.

Tax Rebate Letter 2017.pdf


T: 0.077469 s.