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Service of Reg 14a/15 Notice (666s)

Should you be served with a Reg 15/16 Notice by PSD or the IOPC, you should seek the advice of a Police Federation Discipline Representative as soon as practicable and before making any response.

You should not be asked any questions by the officer serving the Regulation 15/16 Notice. You should sign the Notice, keep your copy and provide a copy of your PNB if requested.

CaPLO Representatives

Data Protection / Confidentiality

Message from John Tooms, WMPFed Discipline Secretary for your information:

Data Protection / Confidentiality - any breach to be assessed Gross Misconduct - leading to likely dismissal

At a Misconduct Hearing the ACC made it very clear that WMP will assess ANY breach of the Data Protection Act / misuse of IT systems for a non-policing purpose, no matter how minor, as Gross Misconduct.

All breaches of the DPA / misuse of IT systems cases WILL consequently be heard at a Misconduct Hearing where dismissal WILL be the likely outcome - unless the mitigating circumstances are 'exceptional'.

Advice to Firearms Officers Post Shooting Incident

Code of Conduct for Police Officers

Death on Police Contact

To be read in conjunction with HO Circulars 13/2002 and 31/2002

Professional Standards & the IPCC

You and the Police Complaints System



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